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Discover our most popular personality test: Professional Profile.

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professional profile
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    The Professional Profile is a personality test that analyzes candidate's character, motivation and values. This psychometric test is the most frequently requested by HR professionals.

    Key features

    • analyzes 12 dimensions of human character
    • matches profiles with job-positions
    • monitors social desirability

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    The Big Five Profile measures dominant personality traits. It is suitable for all job categories and can be used during recruitment or for internal evaluations.

    Key features

    • uses the Big Five Factor Model
    • is quick to administer
    • highlights candidate's dominant personality traits

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    Here's the part where I ask who Jane Osbourne is. Duncan flipped the pages of his notebook, and his eyes widened as he reread some of the wretched things Gunther had said.
    The Reasoning Test is an intelligence test that measures the ability to reason, plan, solve problems and more. It is used for recruitment and for school entrance exams.

    Key features

    • uses original and varied questions
    • provides detailed solutions
    • estimates a candidate's IQ

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    The Emotional Intelligence Test assesses the ability to perceive, understand and manage one's own emotions and those of others. This EQ psychometric test is designed to better meet the demands of recruitment.

    Key features

    • Provides norm-based EQ scores (in the same fashion as IQ tests).
    • Monitors social desirability (inclination to present oneself favorably).
    • Summary of a candidate's emotional profile including advice on personal growth.

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    Scientific test for individuals
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